Our Affiliates

We’re proud to be part of Pinnacle Bancorp’s Family of Independent Banks. Learn more about our sister banks in neighboring states.

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Bank of Colorado

Bank of Colorado is one of the oldest banks in Colorado, with their first charter issued in Ft. Lupton back in 1900. In 1978, Bank of Colorado became a part of Pinnacle Bancorp.  Today, Bank of Colorado has locations throughout the Eastern Plains, the Front Range, the Western Slope and the Four Corners Region. They proudly serve the one-of-a-kind businesses, ranches, farms and families of Colorado.

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Pinnacle Bank New Mexico

They started in New Mexico way back in 1972 with their first charter in Gallup. In 2000, they became a part of a larger family of local banks, Pinnacle Bancorp. Today, Pinnacle Bank New Mexico is proud to offer quality banking to the citizens, farms and businesses of New Mexico at their 3 branch locations in Gallup.

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Pinnacle Bank Nebraska

Back in 1938, the Great Depression took a toll on the people and the banks in Palmer, Nebraska. So brothers George and Tom Dinsdale, along with some friends, decided to do something. They pulled their resources together to open a bank for their community.

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Pinnacle Bank Wyoming

From the hot springs of Thermopolis to the edge of the Black Hills in Newcastle, Pinnacle Bank is proud to be a part of Wyoming. Pinnacle Bank Wyoming provides quality banking service to the ranches, farms, businesses and residents of Wyoming. Pinnacle Bank’s Wyoming roots go back to the early 1900s with banks throughout agricultural communities and in 1972, they joined Pinnacle Bancorp.

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Pinnacle Bank Texas

They first opened their doors about 30 miles south of Fort Worth in Keene over 40 years ago. The bank was welcomed as a neighbor and an important part of the community, then they grew one community bank at a time. In 2002, they found out they had a lot in common with another bank started by the Dinsdale family and joined Pinnacle Bancorp. Today, Pinnacle Bank Texas proudly serves families and businesses from Springtown all the way down to Rio Vista, and they continue to grow.

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