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Visa® Ways to Pay

Your Pinnacle Bank Visa® Card gives you exclusive access to a variety of ways to pay when used for both large and small purchases.

Experience the card you trust with these exciting ways to pay from Visa®.

Visa® SRC

Shop and pay in fewer steps online when you enroll in Visa® SRC  with your card.

Apple Pay®  

Enjoy all the benefits of your card using Apple Pay® on compatible Apple® devices. Easily pay with your debit cards and credit cards with just a touch.

Google Pay®

Link your Visa® card with Google Pay  for faster checkout online on thousands of websites. Also, enjoy speedy and secure transactions in stores when using compatible Google or Android devices.

Samsung Pay®

Experience fast and easy checkout in-store, in-app and online when using Samsung Pay on compatible Samsung devices.


Link and use your Visa® card with PayPal and enjoy added convenience and security when you check out online.


Follow the links above to connect to the extras packed within your card, or contact your local branch to learn more.

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